Upcoming: EWE Gallagher to Manastash 4×4 Overland Trip – Aug 2023

EWE Gallagher to Manastash 4×4 Overland Trip

Gallagher to Manastash 4×4 Overland Trip
(Manastash Ridge to Gallagher Head Lake)

Hosted by Eastern Washington Expeditions
Monday August  2023 at 10 AM – Thursday August  2023 DATE PENDING

Eastern Washington Expeditions is hosting a “Gallagher to Manastash 4×4 Overland Trip” to explore the Manastash 4×4 Trails and Gallagher Head Lake Area 4×4 trails. We will camp on the trail for 3 nights. This event is free to attend but there are a limited number of rig spots available. So it is on a first-sign up basis after Club Members.


  • Monday July 10 we will meet at Warrior’s Quick Stop in Cle Elum and top off our fuel. At 10 AM we will convoy to Salmon La Sac and air down. We will take FS4330 Cle Elum Valley Road up and then take 4W301 Fortune Creek. We will run Van Epps 4W302 up to the end and back down. We will take 4W301 Fortune Creek to Gallagher Lake to camp the night. We may hit some other trails (4W304 Hawkin Mt., Mine To Market Trail 4W305) sometime during this part of the trip.
  • Tuesday we will head back to Salmon La Sac and air up. Next to Cle Elum to fuel up and then we will air down at the end of pavement in South Cle Elum. Then head toward Manastash. We may stop at Cle Elum Point for the view. Once at FS3100, we will run Divide Trail 4W311 up. At the end back on FS3100 we will either head up to Quarts Mountain or find a camp.
  • Wednesday from Quartz Mountain we will run Manastash Ridge Trail 4W306, drop down 4W676 Kaner Flat, 4W617 Lily Pond, up 4W686 Milk Creek, up 4W685 Woodpecker, up the 5 Fingers, turn down 4w307 Tripod Flat, up 4W330 Tipover, and down 4W308 Shoestring. Maybe camp at Region 4 Meadows.
  • Thursday run 4W307 Tripod Flat up, take 4W694, 4W644 Bald Mountain, Down FS1701 to Chinook Pass or Wenas.

This a Free to attend event. You will need to bring your own rig, gear, and food. You will need money for fuel and some cash if we camp in a pay area. A Discover Pass maybe required at some stops.

REQUIREMENTS: You must have a working Street licensed 4 wheel drive to do this trip. Smaller rigs are required due to 4×4 trails may be tight. Please have a full tank of fuel, recovery gear, and cold weather gear. We are spending three nights on the trail so you will need to bring a tent, food, and supplies. Bring plenty of water and things you need to be safe from the sun. (A Discover Pass maybe required.)
NOTE: By signing up you are expected to follow the rules of the land and Tread Lightly. The roads/Trails can get soft this time of year. Spinning your tires intentionally on wet surfaces causes damage and is illegal. These actions have caused closures.

Cle Elum Ranger District ORV Map West
Yakima County Sheriff ORV Map


FUEL: Please have a full tank of fuel to start with in Cliffdell. We will top off in Cle Elum on Wednesday on the way to Gallagher Head Lake. You may want to bring extra fuel due to there is no place to get more until the 3rd day.

CAMPING: Bring what you would need to camp in the mountains. It could be very hot or cold in the day and cold at night. You may need to pay to camp.

FOOD: Bring enough food for 4 days and three nights. On this trip we may have the time to cook lunch for those who want to.

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Contact us if you would like to attend. Please do not just show up out of the blue. If you would like to attend please use the Contact Us page. Space is limited.

Ceg & Odo – JKU
Sev & Foxracer – JLU 4xE

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