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The Graham Family tries to give everyone a great experience for what we host and volunteer. Our family loves to be part of the event and dresses the part at times.


The Graham Family works hard to give the best service we can. If you are not happy, we will try to make it right.


The Graham Family

Clay and Lisa moved from Puyallup to a hay farm in Selah March 1998 with their son Hank and brought over the livestock from Dome Ranch in Graham. After the last cutting of hay in 1998 they bought a place in Gromore and built Ceg Ranch and the Field of Dreams Arena. They started the Gromore Rodeo Association and hosted 10 Children’s rodeos a year for four years. In 2002 they adopted their daughter at 2 years old and then had three boys in a row. In 2009 they bought the place they are now in Selah and called it Graham Family Farm.

The Graham Family Farm

Graham Family Farm

We are a small farm in Selah, Washington. Our website is about our life on the farm, offroad, overlanding, and things around Eastern Washington.

The Graham Family has had a few farms/ranches over the years. In those years we have had horses, donkeys, cows, a pig, llamas, sheep, goats, chickens, and ducks. We held many kid rodeos and was a sheep stock contractor. We have grown hay, fruit, and vegetables.

We have been at this Selah location since 2009. The soil has not been very good to us for growing food. We have been working to make it better for many years. Chicken farming here has been tough too with neighborhood dogs and a raccoon killing them.

Since moving here in 2009 we have been very busy doing things taken time from the work we need to do on the farm. We were heavy in the community with the Selah Chamber of Commerce, Selah Downtown Association, Selah Cub Scout 276, Selah Boy Scouts 275, Selah Covenant Church, and Selah Tourism.  We also ran our food business Selah Sweets/Selah Sausage/EWE Chuckwagon from 2014 – 2022. Plus we have been hosting offroad and overland events since May 2004. We still host them but not as many. Now in 2023 it is time to focus on the farm.

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CegPics.com  Ceg-TV.com

CegPics.com & Ceg-TV.com are owned and ran by the Graham Family. “Ceg” is the initials of the founder & his 4 sons.

In 2004 Clay started an online forum called, “Eastern Washington Off Road” on our farm’s website CegRanch.com. This was for people to share photo reports of areas to to ride and camp. Later the forum name was changed to Eastern Washington Adventures. The forum became huge and cost a lot to run. We brought in sponsors to help cover the web server cost. Facebook came along and people moved there leaving the forum unused for posting. The sponsors pulled out since they did not see many posting on the forum. We shut the forum down due to the high cost and no sponsors. The website was moved to an affordable server along with most of the event reports posted on the old server. In 2021 we change the name of the website and business to Eastern Washington Expeditions. Due to lack of interest by new people, we shut the business down and gave the website back to our farm.

This website has thousands of photos of events we have hosted and things we have seen over the years. Mostly offroad and overland trips. We have also reported on community events and other things we have seen too.

We have a lot of hours of video and have uploaded some of the better parts onto our Rumble Channel at https://rumble.com/c/CegTV.


Eastern Washington Expeditions - Offroad & Overland

Eastern Washington Expeditions

The Graham Family created this website in 2004 to bring people together to do free to attend Off Road Vehicle events. With this, there is safety in numbers, friendship, and responsible public land education.

We do not charge fees for the public events we host. There is no fees for those who want to be a member of the Club. Club members get the first chance to sign up for events and get discounts on EWE merchandise.

We host Offroad 4×4, Overland, Jeep, Camping, Sightseeing & Road trips around Eastern Washington and surrounding areas. To join the fun, see “GoPlayWA.com“.

We have been hosting events and promoting Eastern Washington Outdoor Recreation since 2004. On the blog part of our web page there are thousands of photos of Public Events, Offroad 4×4 trips, Overland trips, Jeep runs, Sightseeing trips, and Road trips in Eastern Washington.

More information at GoPlayWA.com

Eastern Washington Expeditions Club

EWE Club

The Graham Family made the Eastern Washington Expeditions Club for loyal website event attendees.  The club was started in 2004 as the All Wheelers Off Road Club. The club took on the website name, Eastern Washington Adventures in about 2012. In 2019 the club took the name, “Liberty State Overland Club”. In 2022 the club voted to make the club name again the name of the website which has been change to “Eastern Washington Expeditions”. Some members still run the, “Liberty State Overland Club” logos. For more information on the Eastern Washington Expeditions Club, click “here

Eastern Washington Expeditions - Offroad & Overland



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