Photos: 3rd Annual Selah Jeep Meet & Greet!

Selah Jeep Meet & GreetBanner by HD Signs!

3rd Annual Selah Jeep Meet & Greet!
Hosted by King’s Row Sponsored by Selah Sweets and HD Signs
Report by Clay Graham, photos by Clay & Charlie Graham  / Selah Sweets – Selah Community & Tourism.

On Saturday March 12th, 2016 there was the 3rd Annual Selah Meet & Greet at King’s Row. There were a lot of 4×4 enthusiast that came to meet others and to flex out on the RTI ramp.

There were some promotion Give-a-ways from King’s Row and Selah Sweets.

Here are some photos of the Selah Jeep Meet & Greet:

Selah Jeep Meet Selah_Jeep_02 Selah_Jeep_03 Selah_Jeep_04 Selah_Jeep_05 Selah_Jeep_06 Selah_Jeep_07 Selah_Jeep_08 Selah_Jeep_09 Selah_Jeep_10 Selah_Jeep_11 Selah_Jeep_12 Selah_Jeep_13 Selah_Jeep_14 Selah_Jeep_15 Selah_Jeep_16 Selah_Jeep_17 Selah_Jeep_18 Selah_Jeep_19 Selah_Jeep_20 Selah_Jeep_21 Selah_Jeep_22 Selah_Jeep_23 Selah_Jeep_24 Selah_Jeep_25 Selah_Jeep_26 Selah_Jeep_27 Selah_Jeep_28 Selah_Jeep_29 Selah_Jeep_30 Selah_Jeep_31 Selah_Jeep_32 Selah_Jeep_33 Selah_Jeep_34 Selah_Jeep_35 Selah_Jeep_36 Selah_Jeep_37 Selah_Jeep_38 Selah_Jeep_39 Selah_Jeep_40 Selah_Jeep_41 Selah_Jeep_42 Selah_Jeep_43 Selah_Jeep_44 Selah_Jeep_45 Selah_Jeep_46 Selah_Jeep_47 Selah_Jeep_48 Selah_Jeep_49

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Inside and outside seating at the shop. Off site catering.

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