Eastern Washington Off Road & Overland

Eastern Washington Off Road & Overland

Eastern Washington Off RoadFamily Friendly Responsible Outdoor Recreation.
Free to attend events: Off Road, Overland, Sightseeing, & More.

Named after the dryer part of the state east of the Cascades. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eastern_Washington. We started off hosting “Off Road” events and then added “Overland” trips with sightseeing.

“Eastern Washington Off Road” was started in 2004 as an on-line forum by the Graham Family on their farm’s website to find others to do motorized outdoor recreation with. A lot of events came from the forum. The Graham Family as “Eastern Washington Off Road” hosted many events for forum members and for the clubs they created. Forum members also posted up events by their clubs and groups. The forum became huge and cost a lot to run. Sponsors were brought in to help cover the web server cost. Facebook came along and people moved there because it was easier to post photos and it has many more features where their families could see what they do. The forum sponsors pulled out since they did not see many posting on the forum. The forum was shut down due to the high cost and no sponsors. The forum was removed from the Graham Family’s website. Most of the old event reports by us were saved on the blog part of this website.

The name of the outdoor recreation webpage was changed a few times over the years due to the main club attached to it. These are the clubs that were part of the website: All Wheelers Off Road Club, Eastern Washington Adventures, Eastern Washington Expeditions, and Liberty State Overland Club. There is no longer a club hooked to the webpage due to a few causing problems. We are back to where we started in 2004, just hosting fun free to attend events for whoever wants to come along (that behaves). We added “Overland” to our name due to that is now a big part of what we do. We ask for everyone to sign up for events in advance and then follow the rules of the land we are on. All guest must be approved due to past problem people.

This website, Graham Family Farm (CegPics.com) has thousands of photos of outdoor recreation events we have hosted and things we have seen over the years.

If you are looking for something to do, visit our Upcoming page.

– Eastern Washington Off Road promotes Responsible recreation. Follow the rules of the land and Tread Lightly. Stay on the trail. Spinning your tires intentionally on wet surfaces causes damage and is illegal. These actions have caused closures.
– The official group of volunteers which brings you the “Forest Watch Volunteer Program“. We host volunteer work parties to help keep areas open to street legal 4×4 vehicles.
– This group is for like minded people with street legal 4×4 vehicles that are use for backroads, 4×4 trails & camping.
– Most events are held in Eastern Washington. Some will cross into Western Washington and Oregon.
– There are no membership or event fees. You will have to pay for your own permits, camp fees, and other things that cost that you want to do.
– EWOR decals on your rig are not required, but encouraged to show sponsors which help support the website and events.
– This is not a political group, but political type of topics do come up at events. If you get upset easily over peoples opinions, this event may not be for you.

– By signing up you are expected to follow the rules of the land and Tread Lightly. Stay on the trail. Spinning your tires intentionally on wet surfaces causes damage and is illegal. These actions have caused closures.
Street legal 4×4 vehicles only (RVs and 2 wheel drives welcome at some base camping and road trips). If your 4×4 rig is broke, we can see if there is an open seat for you. >>> NO side-by-sides, ATVs, or rock buggies. <<<
– No getting triggered over politics or the way things go. We believe in freedom of speech.
– Please do not bring up anything about the ex-members of the Clubs we use to host. Many of those people have caused problems and are why we do not host a club any longer.
– No complaining about how things are ran. Your positive input is welcome. We try to please everyone so we all can have fun.

– A CB radio for communication between rigs. They work well within our convoys. Having one will let you know what is happening ahead and help you if you need to stop for what ever reason. They are cheap and no radio license required. We do not use HAM or GMRS.
– Recovery gear & tools: Recovery strap/rope with shackles, known recovery points, winch with equipment suggested. Tools for repairs.
– All seasons weather gear. It gets cold even in the summer where we go. It rains and sometimes it is hot.
– Bring your own food and water. Bring extra just in case there are problems on the trip where we have to stay longer than planned.

The Graham Family, Graham Family Farm, and the Eastern Washington Off Road only host the events. You are responsible for yourselves.

Since there are no membership fees, the website, club house, give-a-ways, and events are paid by the Graham Family. Donations for T-shirt help keep things going.

We take photos and video of all the events. We post the better ones on the internet to promote the website and the events we do to get others involved. So don’t be shocked if you see yourself or rig on the net. None of the photos or video are for sale. Videos posted may make some money in the future which would be put back into making the videos. Feel free to use of share but please do not remove the water marks. It takes a lot of time to do the reports and videos. Photo and video reports are on this site by date in the Blog. It sometimes take a few days to get them posted. Past reports also can be found at EWOR category page.

Eastern Washington Off Road
Hosted Event Sign Ups & Info

Most the events are free to attend. Everyone that wants to attend an event must contact us a week before the event to sign up unless otherwise posted in the event details.  Trip meet up areas are given to those who have been approved to come.

The reason why we have sign ups and vehicle requirements:
Groups that hold events on Washington State Public Lands are required to get permits and have insurance for large turn-outs of people. We limit the amount of people due to we want to keep the events free to attend (other than the Government fees required for passes/camping). Sometime the limit on group size is due to fitting rigs into camping areas. Some events require certain type vehicles due to the type trail. Most events require a 4 wheel drive street legal vehicles with high ground clearance.

Why does everyone need approved?
– Due to the limited amount of people we can have in groups on public lands without an extra cost and some camp areas are small, we need a count.
– By signing up we can make sure your rig will work for the type of places the event takes us.
– By signing up people are saying they will follow the rules of the land and Tread Lightly.
– Without sign ups we have had problems with rigs that were not prepared or equipped for the trip and people not behaving. We have had people just show up to cause problems.

Event title definitions:
4×4 Trip
Meant for smaller 4 wheel drive street legal vehicles with high ground clearance.
Backroads Trip
Small to large (1 ton pickup size) 4×4 street legal vehicles with high ground clearance.
Snow Wheeling Trip
High ground clearance 4×4 vehicles with offroad tires that can be aired down 10 PSI and lower.
Overland Trip
Camping along the way out of street legal vehicles with high ground clearance.
Overland 4×4 Trip
Meant for smaller 4×4 street legal vehicles with high ground clearance with camping along the way.
Base Camp Trip
Camping with tow rigs/RVs in one place taking the towed 4×4 vehicles for day trips.
Road Trip
Mostly pavement.

To sign up for an event –
If you would like to attend please use the Contact Us page. Space is limited for most events.

NOTE: By signing up you are expected to follow the rules of the land and Tread Lightly. Stay on the trail. The roads/Trails can get soft throughout the year. Spinning your tires intentionally on wet surfaces can cause damage and is illegal (other than sand dune ORV areas). These actions have caused closures.

– All events are listed on the Upcoming Page.
– You can find events also on our Eastern Washington Off Road & Overland Facebook page.

Send any questions you may have by using our “Contact Us” Page in the menu.

Thank you,
Clay Graham
Eastern Washington Off Road

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